Stuart Turner Pump Repairs

Stuart Turner Pump Repairs Dublin

For professional and trusted Stuart Turner pump repairs Dublin, contact Plumber in Dublin. Our staff of highly trained service engineers have many years’ experience in water pump repairs in Dublin. We can repair pumps that run in houses or apartments.

Replacing a domestic water pump can cost you several hundred euro for the pump alone and then you would also incur the plumbing installation costs. Luckily enough, repairs, 9 times out of 10, are only a fraction of this cost so if you have a problem with your water pump then get it checked out straight away as leaving it on the long finger can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Pumps can fail or give trouble for a number of reasons. Some of the main faults you can expect to get with water pumps are:

Water leaks occurring at the shaft of the pump.
The pump comes on by itself every few minutes
A humming or a low click noise may be heard from the pump
Your shower may not work
The pump runs constantly and never cuts out.

With our years’ experience in repairing water pumps, we have seen that people tend to have the majority of water pump failures during the summer months, as this is the time when the pump is used most often in running showers where sometimes people can have anywhere between 1 – 3 showers per day. Not only are these pumps used for showers but they are also pumping hot & could water to your taps and toilets so when a pump need s repair is can cause major disruption to everyday living.

We repair all types of Stuart Turner water pumps including

Twin Negative Head M330N, M550N pumps.
Stuart Turner Positive Head ST55, ST66.
Monsoon Universal Twin N1.5 bar twin, N2.0 bar twin, N3.0 bar twin and N4.0 bar twin
Stuart Turner Monsoon N1.5 bar twin export
Stuart Turner Monsoon N2.0 bar twin export
Stuart Turner Monsoon N3.0 bar twin export
Stuart Turner Monsoon N4.0 bar twin export

So if you need your Stuart Turner water pump repaired in Dublin contact us on 085 123 4204 or drop us an email to and we can arrange a time for one of our engineers to call to you house, apartment or business to have your water pump repaired. We are your number 1 for any Stuart Turner Pump Repairs Dublin.


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